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If you have a Tiki 46, what is your maximum sustained speed under power, and what form of propulsion type/model/HP of engine(s) do you have?

I'm curious partly because we hope to have a Tiki 46 sometime in the next few years and would almost certainly take it through the Panama Canal at some point, and I've read they they demand 8 knots with the threat of large fines if you can't do that speed.

If anyone has taken a Tiki 46 through the canal, we'd be interested in your experience with that too.

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We get 8 knots in flat water with no wind on Peace IV using two 20 horse Yamaha engines.  These are easily driven hulls so you do not really need more power than that in our opinion.  Peace had the design specified 9.9 Yamaha engines when we first launched her and those drove Peace IV at 7 knots in flat water with no wind.  Bbut we decided we wanted the electric tilt  so when those engines needed to be replaced recently, we got the 20 horse engines and are glad we did.   The extra speed is rarely used, but it is there to get us into harbor before dark or in case of an emergency.  We have not had an emergency needing them yet, but it is nice to have that extra speed available anyway.

Ann and NEv

take it through the Panama Canal..... do not build your boat for the panama canal and do not listen to all this bullshit writen in the internet about speed in the canal... in 2002 i went through the canal with my 55 year old sailing boat and a 14 hp engine. we made max 4 knots.... no problem... i do not believe that any sailing vessel with a engine of max 55hp can motor 8 knots for hours... they kill there engine... the canal is 90nm long... it is wide enough to sail in it...
alex klaar when through the canal with a 25 hp outboard on the back because is boat has no engine... it worked too. hans klaar when with his wharram and his voyage canoes though... all cool. think about it when you are in panama. not know. try to get a crusing speed (long term) of 4,5knot out of you engine system and this much power that you can motor through a pass with 3 knots current for at least 1 mile.... this is what you need if you sail around the world... the tiki46 is a sailing boat and not a motor boat... do not overpower it... it only cost you more money...
we motor in no wind 4 -4,5 knots for days and need 2 liter a hour. we have 140 liter diesel on board... if i want to make my engine cry and isabelle angry. i push it to 7,5kn in flat water and everything is jelling... think practicle... have fun

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