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Hi everyone,

If you've been planning on purchasing Tiki 46 plans, here's your chance to start off the build with some savings.

These plans are unused and in the same condition in which they arrived from the Wharram shop. You can contact me off-forum for pricing (which is well below the current price for newly purchased plans) if you're interested.

We have decided to go in a different direction and thus no longer have need of these plans.

Best to all -


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Sorry - you can email me directly at bbois@verizon.net

Hi Bob,   Sorry to hear about this.  Just keep in touch and we hope sometime you and the family will sail with us again on Peace IV.  Love,  Ann and Nev

No worries, Ann. This is actually a moving forward and not a sad thing. We have been opening our minds to other possibilities that may make more sense for us to get out sailing sooner and cheaper. If any of these possibilities come to be, the collapse of the building shed will have a considerable silver lining...

Love to you guys.

Bob, Tess, Dante,  and Jonah.

These plans have been sold.

Thanks to all who contacted us and best of luck to the future builders of Tiki 46 #38.


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