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On my plans, that are old, there is no list of the requirements for line/running rigging on the T38. Can anyone tell me if they have this information on their plans? I have a list of the standing rigging specs, wood, epoxy etc but nothing for setting up the rig. 

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OK, in the "Building Instructions" book, in the "Blocks Fittings and Ropes" section 

10mm diameter plaited pre-stretched polyester:

Main sheet traveller: 5m

Main sheet: 19m (accurate measurement)

Foresail sheet: 19m (accurate measurement)

Foresail second sheet: 19m (accurate measurement)

Staysail sheets: 2 @ 10m each

Thanks Chuck, I knew it had to have been put in the plans somewhere, I just didn't have it in mine. Appreciate it.

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