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Hi all,

Not sure if this is in the right section or not but i have noticed that the rear beam on our Tiki 38 has a noticeable amount of deflection in it, The P.O has used the old mast that was pulled when he put in ali mast's.

I've not yet sourced a trusted boat builder where I am yet so I was hoping someone here could look at the deflection and give me an idea of the concern level I should have, I've marked a straight line in the picture to help show the level of deflection

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On the plans it is referred to as the "sterntube".  It's not even called a beam.

It is meant to be built the same as the masts.  It is, however,  meant to support the boarding ramp and some netting.  Your P.O. has built in slatted decks which add some weight and it doesn't take much to start some deflection.  I would suggest that based on your picture,  the amount is not alarming.  A wooden tube of that section will bend a lot before breaking.  Just be aware of weight back there;   stern tube aside,  you must keep the ends of the boat light in order to be seaworthy.   Give that concern level priority.


Thanks for that Jacques and Alf,

Alf, The rear lazarettes on either hull are used for storage of spares, sails and other parts whilst the front of the boat is unloaded apart from bedrooms, Are you able to explain why the the bow and stern can't be loaded up? The major storage areas seem to be the bow and stern

Cheers :)

Hi Tristram,

The bow and stern areas are great for storage of bulky but relatively light items such as fenders, sail covers etc.  Excessive weight in the ends increases pitch moment (hobbyhorsing),  more spray and solid water on deck as the boat will not lift quickly enough to seas,  and,  a lot of additional strain on the beam attachment points.  I was referring more to your slatted rear deck area which could accumulate weight such as dive equipment, dinghy etc.   If you see the stern tube deflect a lot,  then that is warning you to take weight off the rear deck.


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