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Another Tiki 38 specific question:  Now that my engines are mounted,  I can't help but wonder if the engine well transoms as designed are really strong enough.  I made mine exactly according to the plans,  such as they were,  but seeing those big, heavy Yamaha 9.9's with their large props and imagining how much torque they will put on those transoms makes me uneasy.  Has anyone had problems in this area?


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Hi Alf

I use Yamaha 15s and have had no trouble with the wells at all.


Dave,  did you make your wells to plans with no additional re-inforcement?


Yup  made to plan, no mods or reinforcement.


Thanks Dave,  if those wells can handle 15 hp then I have nothing to worry about!


I also use 15 ps engines on Marabu and had no problems at all. Make shure to attach the motors very good, I almost lost one , due the vibration of the motors. Cheers Daniel

I use 9.9s, haven't had any problems with the wells. Think they are plenty strong, although Neville strengthened his when they went to 20's on their 46. Suggest though that you had delrin or nylon crushpads (I used 1/4 in nylon) in  big square under the engine mounts themselves to keep the mounts from crushing the glass and plywood of the well transoms when the engine is mounted. I think I used 5200 to mount the pads and they haven't moved. I also put a lock connecting the two mount handles for some theft protection and to keep them securely tightened.


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