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I am prepping to hang the rudders on the Raka project this week. 

I have the sheet from a Tiki 21 and would like to see the spacing of the holes and size differences. 

If anyone can help me out that would be very appreciated. 

Alex p

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I had a look at my Tiki30 plans, They give no dimensions regarding the lashing holes. I may be missing a page though. Sorry no photos of the boat right now. I used 3mm Nylon 3strand, would have preferred 6mm but that was all I could get. Always lash with Nylon, the stretch allows you to get it much tighter than you could with a low stretch line. best to cut a slot, epoxy/cabosil fill then drill holes so wood is isolated. Builder of my current boat did not so I have rot in all my lashing holes.


The problem with the rudder lashings as designed is that it is impossible to take the rudders out for , for example, repair in case of damage . For this reason I insert 6mm diameter alu tubes in the lashing holes which I fix in place with 3m 5200. After the holes have been coated with epoxy resin, of course.  

Maxim Jurgens 

Siam Sailing, Phuket 


Thanks everyone for the help!! I have the rudders on now and are working as expected.

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