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Looking for a new owner for my Tiki 30, but I'm unsure as how to proceed.

I'd like to find someone who will bring, mostly, her paint back and do the sailing that I had intended, but failed to do. As for a cost, I don't know where to start because it's not as much the money as the fact that health and financial circumstances prevent me from maintaining and enjoying her as I had envisioned.

For someone who's considering building, you would save funds and lifespan.

I was hoping to meet the right person, for whom a trip to see the boat on the east coast of central Florida  is convenient, and if interested, arrange a mutually agreeable purchase price.

This boat was lovingly built by a professional craftsman.

Some of her building pictures can be seen in my page on this website.


Marc LaFrance

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Hey Marc, 

Thats a beautiful Tiki 30 you have there, I'm seriously interested, when would be a good time to come and take a look at the boat.  Can you send me an email to rconing29@gmail.com so we can discuss any additional details there.

Kind regards, 

Richard Coning

Hey Marc,
I sent you a friend request so I could DM you. I'm an experienced builder hoping to start a tiki 26/30 project in the next year or so. I'm defiantly open to incomplete or rehab project if they're well built and salvageable. (From the looks of your photos you did a bang up job!) I'm located in NC. Look forward to hearing from you. 



Are you the builder?

Any other pictures. Video. Sailing?

jim nichols

Hello Jim,

Yes I am the builder. There are no videos, but I went out to the marina this past Sunday and took updated pics. This server won't let me upload the zip. Would you make a friend request and provide an address so that I can pass the pics along.

Thanks, Marc

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