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Looking for a new owner for my Tiki 30.

I'd like to find someone who will bring, mostly, her paint back and do the sailing that I had intended, but failed to do. As for a cost, I would like to propose an asking price of $12,000. Health and financial circumstances prevent me from maintaining and enjoying her as I had envisioned.

For someone who's considering building, you would save funds and lifespan.

I was hoping to meet the right person, for whom a trip to see the boat on the east coast of central Florida  is convenient.

This boat was lovingly built by a professional craftsman.

Some of her building pictures can be seen in my page on this website. I can also send a folder of recent photos to your email address.


Marc LaFrance

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Hi Marc,

Thank you for the response. I sent you an email with the time frame I will be in Florida.

I hope our schedules match up.


bumping this, I'd also like to see the boat and can make weekends work.

my email is ryan.woofenden@protonmail.com, it'd be great to see more photos.

I'm owned traditional wooden boats, worked on boats professionally (wooden boat repair, rigging, varnish and paint) and sailed my mostly enginelless gaff cutter all over Puget sound, the San Juan islands, and part way up the inside passage. Your boat would definitely be used and cared for. This time last year I had just arrived in the Azores from Miami after crossing as crew on a 130' gaff schooner.

Ryan Woof said:

Hi Marc,

I'm quite interested. I'm currently based up in Asheville NC, and looking for a tiki 30 to use as a platform both for my own adventures as well as teaching sailing to youth, and running men's workshops/retreats. I might be down in FL anyhow in Feb, but also willing to make a trip down to have a look in the next few weeks. I'd love to talk by phone, send me a private message and I can pass along my phone number.



I’m an amateur builder in Deltaville VA gearing up for building an amatasi. I’ve built several small boats and restored three, an Alberg Sea Sprite, a Westerly Centaur, and a 20 foot Chesapeake skipjack. As you say, your price is about what I’d probably end up spending on the Amatasi. I’m a 66 year old pastor who plans to use the boat on the Chesapeake and hope to take it south in retirement.

I’m surrounded by boatyards, chandleries and salvage shops, with lots of friends to help. The wife and I are discussing driving down in a weekend or two. May I see your pictures?
Mike Cook here: email cook.Michael.alexander@gmail.com
Hi Marc, I am off for a year and would love to spend some months on the sea, ideally on a tiki 30. So I am very interested in yours and would be more than happy if you could provide me some recent pictures. My email address is: yannik.hake@gmail.com

All the best

Marc, late to the game here but I live in Gainesville, FL and could be in Titusville this weekend if the boat is still available.

skylerdixon@gmail.com - 386-586-8620 text or call

hello Ryan,

I missed your response somehow. It's quite a coincidence about your time in Puget Sound. I was there from 86 through 89, 

sailing an engineless small gaff cutter, plumb bowed, long reeving sprit, loose footed main and skinny wineglass shape. She sailed on her ear, with the lee deck awash. I had built the boat in Boulder, Colorado. We spent time in Gig Harbor and Bellingham, sailing the San Juans and the Gulfs up to about halfway between Nanaimo and Desolation Sound. Beautiful country.

That little 23 foot LOD boat later sailed, under different ownership, to the Carribean, from Florida, then Maine, Iceland, Ireland and to Norway. Would you send me an email address please.

Thanks, Marc

Hi Marc,

Great work, great boat. What's left to do on the build? I'd love to have a look if she's still available. I'm in St. Augustine, so could drop down any time that's convenient for you.

Kind regards,



I apologize for the delay, but I've been busy getting the boat dismantled and onto a trailer for shipping, as the boat now has a new owner. Thanks for your interest.


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