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Looking for a new owner for my Tiki 30.

I'd like to find someone who will bring, mostly, her paint back and do the sailing that I had intended, but failed to do. As for a cost, I would like to propose an asking price of $12,000. Health and financial circumstances prevent me from maintaining and enjoying her as I had envisioned.

For someone who's considering building, you would save funds and lifespan.

I was hoping to meet the right person, for whom a trip to see the boat on the east coast of central Florida  is convenient.

This boat was lovingly built by a professional craftsman.

Some of her building pictures can be seen in my page on this website. I can also send a folder of recent photos to your email address.


Marc LaFrance

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Hey Marc, 

Thats a beautiful Tiki 30 you have there, I'm seriously interested, when would be a good time to come and take a look at the boat.  Can you send me an email to rconing29@gmail.com so we can discuss any additional details there.

Kind regards, 

Richard Coning

Hey Marc,
I sent you a friend request so I could DM you. I'm an experienced builder hoping to start a tiki 26/30 project in the next year or so. I'm defiantly open to incomplete or rehab project if they're well built and salvageable. (From the looks of your photos you did a bang up job!) I'm located in NC. Look forward to hearing from you. 



Are you the builder?

Any other pictures. Video. Sailing?

jim nichols

Hello Jim,

Yes I am the builder. There are no videos, but I went out to the marina this past Sunday and took updated pics. This server won't let me upload the zip. Would you make a friend request and provide an address so that I can pass the pics along.

Thanks, Marc

Hey Marc, have you found any suitable new owners yet?

Hello Brad,

No, I haven't found anyone yet.

Brad Ingram said:

Hey Marc, have you found any suitable new owners yet?

Hi Marc,

Thiis is very intriguing… my mom lives in Astor, on the St’John’s.She’s getting up there in years, and I will probably soon have to move in and help her make some transitions; my idea is to get a boat that needs a bit of work and dock it out front to work on while I’m there. I just left her house but will be in Miami until 12/10 - where is the boat located in Orlando? And is a trailer available?

Cheers, Greg

Hello Greg,

The boat is docked at the Titusville municipal marina on the Intercoastal. There isn't a trailer. When I first launched, I transported the boat from Orlando on a flatbed truck in two separate trips.


Realizing that the original post for my Tiki 30 was mistakenly too ambiguous, I would like to submit an asking price of $12,000.

I will send a zipped folder of recent photos to an email address, as 5MB here is too limiting.


Hi Marc,

I'm quite interested. I'm currently based up in Asheville NC, and looking for a tiki 30 to use as a platform both for my own adventures as well as teaching sailing to youth, and running men's workshops/retreats. I might be down in FL anyhow in Feb, but also willing to make a trip down to have a look in the next few weeks. I'd love to talk by phone, send me a private message and I can pass along my phone number.



Hey Marc,

Your Tiki 30 looks Awesome! I’m definitely interested in it. I’ve been looking for a Wharram this size to take on weekend sailing trips in the gulf. I live in San Antonio, about short drive from Corpus Christi.

I have a Hitia 14 that I built a few years back with a similar paint job as your boat. My buddy saw yours and knew I’d be interested. I saw that you want someone who is going to sail it. I will definitely be sailing it regularly.

I’ll be in Florida in February and would love to come see your tiki 30.

I look forward to your response,


Hi Johnny,

The boat is at the Titusville Municipal Marina, central Florida east coast. 

Let me know when you'll be in the area. Weekends are my only options for getting over there however.


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