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Tried to post a series of photos leading up to the launch of our tiki 30 "Biandar" But having computer problems so will try again tomorrow. Although I think the main problem is me!!


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Success at last! but sorry some photos are out of order.

Our plan number is 154 so you can see this has been a long project!  We are thrilled with how the boat handles and have settled into sailing life easily. Our transition from land to sea has been made easier with the expertise of our son Steve and daughter-inlaw Lisa. They have done extensive sailing on their Tangaroa and have been  a great help and inspiration to us.

Our present plan is to sail further north to explore Shark Bay and surrounding islands and then on to Carnarvon. We then plan to head south before summer sets in and the cyclone season starts.

Rob and Beth

Well done the both of you,fair winds and enjoy her.

Thanks for your kind comments Paul.  Glad you like our setup. The car trailer, ute crane and trolley setup worked better than we had expected.

We hope to eventually get around to your side of Oz but we need a lot more sailing experience before we attempt a circumnavigation.

Rob and Beth

Looking good, you must feel really good - enjoy your sailing and keep us all posted.

Rob is that a standard car trailer? Like the one you hire at a servo?

Yes Paul the car trailer is sort of standard. It is a flat top with 20ft x 8ft tray and rated for 2.5 tonnes. Our boat  weight is only 1tonne but by the time we loaded the launch trolleys,ute crane, food, fuel,water and far too many extras the load would have been at least 1.5 t.  Still well under the trailers rating but enough for the ute with its own load to handle. We had to use oversize signs because the hulls were overwidth by 80mm!!!

Well done folks!!

She looks delightful and your smiles could not beam any brighter.

Remember, coastal navigation in Australia could not be more simple. There are really only two options, keep Australia on your left or on your right, either way will get you back to where you started, eventually!!

Enjoy your new world and stay safe.


Thanks Shaun, we will remember your advice!!

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