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Hi All!

I failed to find dimensions and weight of Tiki 30 deck pod. I'd like to know width, height, length and weight of empty pod and how it compares to standard deck.

Also, I'm considering building trailer similar to this one https://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/tiki-26-trailer-dimen...

and try to figure out if it's possible to fit hulls, mast, deck pod and all the equipment on a trailer somehow.

Best regards


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Hi Bartek

I can't help with the pod details but I can help with the trailer.

I built the trailer based on the design you referenced but I beefed it up and made alterations to comply with Aust/NZ regulations. I have a tiki 26.

The tiki 30, I believe. Has 1.2m wide hulls, so this trailer will adequately manage this due to the similarity of the tiki 26 width dimensions.

The modifications you will need to consider will be the position of the swinging cradles to ensure they rest on bulkheads. In the tiki 26 case that's bulkheads 2 and 5.

In addition to this cradle placement, if it were me, I'd lengthen the trailer frame by 1.2m and include a 2nd axle to make it tandem.

Storage of the crossbeams is achieved by placing them in the framework cavity and the mast on the top of the frame, in the centre. This will leave room for other bits and pieces but not a pod. A pod could be loaded on to the towing vehicle tray assuming that type of vehicle is towing it.

If you go with the standard tray style cockpit it should load on the bows just fwd of the cabin fronts once the hulls have been swung together into the trail position.

My trailer is made from 5mm thick square and rectangular mild steel and painted. My trailer weighs just over 600kg empty and has inertia  disk brakes.

I hope this helps



Hi Neil,

thank you very much! That's very helpful :)


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