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I found a tiki 26 that needs to be restored a couple hours away from me and am finally picking it up in the next week or so. I was hoping that someone has some dimensions for a set of stands that I could build before going to pick the hulls up so I don't have to improvise when I get there.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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On my Tiki30 I roughed in the stands [3/4" ply] slightly larger than plans .  After I placed the cradles, I  screwed on 'sleepers' of 1x scrap to fit the hulls - sandwiched the cradle edges between 2 of these sleepers.- they held up for the entire life of the project .

Hi Matthew. Congrats on your new project! When are you going to pick up the boat? Unfortunately, I am traveling, but will be home next week. I could photograph and measure my cradles then if it would still be helpful.

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