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Hi everyone, my Tiki 26 has a cracked, rotten tiller.  I've reinforced it temporarily, to get me home (see photos).  

I guess water got in through the bolt-hole.  (I loosened the bolt for the photos; it's usually tighter).

I don't have the original plans.  I'm open to ideas on the best way forward.  If you think rebuilding a completely-new tiller  is the best route, does anyone have the relevant drawing that they could scan for me?

What type of wood is recommended?

Alternatively, but not as good, maybe just tape and glass would be strong enough? 

Thanks in advance for any tips or comments.  

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Hey there Chris,

An additional step that I do for most areas that have a bolt/rope hole is epoxy in a dowel.

Example being for a 1/4" diameter bolt, oversize the hole to 1/2" or 3/4" and glue in an oak dowel of the appropriate diameter, then drill and epoxy the 1/4" hole for the bolt.

This does a couple of things, if the bolt/rope wears away the protective coating of epoxy in the hole, moisture can only migrate as far as the edge of the dowel and with any odd movement or binding loading across the grain of the main piece, as Galway Bay asked, the more dense timber of the oak glued to the lighter timber gives more structural integrity to a weak point.

It is an additional step equating to extra time, however for me I don't mind as it gives some nice insurance for down the track. If the hole gets worn through the epoxy I know there should not be any moisture creeping to places I may not see.

Cheers mate,

Thanks so much, to Shaun, Penn, Galway Bay and Kim for such informative ideas in the previous 5 posts – I’m working on my tiller this weekend and your advice will be carefully put into practice.   I realise that it takes time to write your helpful comments and I just want you to know how grateful I am.  Good on you!

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