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Hi all,

As I have departed from my beloved Tiki 21, I have starting to feel that I need a bit bigger cat..

But this time I'm not gonna plan to spend too much time in the garage, so I'm looking around the market.

Is there anyone who could comment how well does "modern rig" (bermuda rig, full battened main) works on Tiki 26, how much it actually add in the sense of sailing performance? Does it helps to point higher (faster) into the wind as well?

And most important does it help to minimize the weather-helm? I mean, does Tiki 26 stays well balanced in all courses and wind conditions?

Cheers, Agur

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Nicolas Vivier made a round in the Atlantic with a Bermudian rigged Tiki26. He didn't said much about the rig, and the website is down (just checked). However, I think you may use any rig you like on this boat, as long as you keep it safe and balanced. Then you have the helm feeling you look for.

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