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Just wanting to check if my roller reefing genoa is the right size?!  Does anyone know what it shouild be approx?

thank you - Johnny

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According to the plan the jib is 106 sq feet or 9.85 sq m. The luff is 23 ft 6 in or 7.16 m long. The foot is 10 ft or 3.05 m long. And the leech is 21 foot 9 in or 6.63 m long.

Thank you so much - sorry for delay.  FYI here are mine and some info from jeckells.

our sail which we use on roller reefing v your dimesnions:

luff 22’9” v 23'6" you quoted
foot 10’ same
Leech 20”8”  v 21' 9"

roller reefing per jeckells

luff 22’
foot 13”
leech 20’10”

and jib per jeckells

luff 22’8” leech 20’4” foot 10’4”.

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