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Hi - I have a grp 26 - my cabin lid is one solid piece of grp - i have fitted two runners at the front - so i can push the lid along and the front is secured in the runners.

My question - has anyone got a good system for securing the back of the lid when closed or at sea?

thank you - johnny

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This is the system in my T26. The pictures are not nice because the seagulls prefer my Tiki than the monohulls!

It is very simple, and it is closed with a padlock. My cabin lids are heavy and I have had not to secure them when sailing.

Thank you!

Yes I had troubles with  gulls - and bought some 2" netting...

btw - is ne of your beams aluminium?

best Johnny

Hi, my beams are wood, but there is an aft alumninnum beam that I use for the solar panel and the swimming ladder. There are also stainless steel poles that are used for the tent.

Regards, Andrés.


Like Andres, I have never had to secure the back of the hatches while sailing. I also just have hasps and padlocks for locking the boat when not aboard, but mine attach on the inboard sides of the cabins/hatches.


Thank you!

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