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Does anyone know roughly what a Tiki 26 beam should weigh - ideally a grp front one

Thank you - Johnny

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Thank you!

Thank you SO much - johnny

ps any idea how much a grp one would be?  I can barely lift my rear one.  It was rebuilt and I thnk pretty well filled with epoxy...

Thank you - ha thats what I thought - but the grp beams are built on ply framework and that rots!

good luck - ps I have a deck tent if that is of interest?

Hi Johnny, hope you don't mind me bringing this thread back alive again.

I'm a little paranoid over my boats weight as I didn't build her and want to make some changes while it's here at home. It's been very well built using all the correct materials so I have no issues there. But the weight is unknown. So I just took delivery of a cheap set of Chinese crane scales and intend to weigh individual components as and when I can. Starting with the beams.

The scales have a + 9% error (so far) which I've subtracted from all weights so the numbers below are corrected. I would not trust them completely so just use as a guide.

I should also mention the beams are complete ie timber, ply, epoxy, fasteners, dolphin striker, fibreglass, filler and paint but no fittings except the end cleats.

FWD.  31KG

MAIN. 43.5KG


I've almost finished building a permanent crane on to my "Tiki Trailer" which will allow me to easily weigh each hull, cockpit and mast. I'll update these figures when I get that done.

Hope this helps someone.

Sounds a great project! - my rear beam is aluminium pole.  so i guess lighter. 

I forgot about updating this post 😔. So here's another two components.

Mast 49kg (wood, hoop pine, to plan. No rigging)

Cockpit 86kg (modified full width with lockers)

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