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Does anyone know roughly what a Tiki 26 beam should weigh - ideally a grp front one

Thank you - Johnny

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I can weigh one for you. A plywood front one, sorry. Remind me if I forget. Cheers

Thank you!

23kg exactly

Thank you SO much - johnny

ps any idea how much a grp one would be?  I can barely lift my rear one.  It was rebuilt and I thnk pretty well filled with epoxy...

I move all my beams by myself without trouble and I am of very average strength and 60 years old. The mast beam would be a bit heavier than the front one maybe 30kg.

A GRP one would probably always be heavier than a plywood one. Depending on the plywood used it can be more or less light. GRP doesn't float but doesn't rot. Conversely ply floats and rots! 

My boat came with light hulls and beams but with a very heavy ipe deck (tabebuia, the lumber used for marina docks) that I am going to turn into fence posts! I am first going to use trampolines and see how it works.


Thank you - ha thats what I thought - but the grp beams are built on ply framework and that rots!

good luck - ps I have a deck tent if that is of interest?

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