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Hello everybody. I need a trailer to carry my tiki 26 from sea, through the beach and for 500 meters road. 
I will not disassemble the catamaran. 
Any idea or suggestion?

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I use a pair of trolleys like this for assembly and moving the boat around the boatyard.  Maybe something similar but with bigger wheels would do what you want..

Hi Robert, how did you get the hulls from the trailer onto there trolleys?

We slid her off with the hulls lashed side by side with the temporary timber beams used on the trailer. Then we lifted the hulls onto timber blocks, put the trolleys under, put the wheels on, then took the timber blocks out.  The angles of the side supports can be adjusted to allow for uneven ground, if you look carefully you can see the outer bolt hole in each one is slotted.  The trolleys were then used to move the hulls apart for assembly.  Each hull was secured to its trolley with a pair of 1" ratchet straps for safety.  Once the boat is assembled the side supports are tilted a few degrees outwards so that the trolleys can tilt independantly as the boat is moved over bumps in the ground.

We ran into an unexpected problem when we launched, in that the trolleys were so buoyant they were very difficult to pull out from under the floating hulls.  I had to drill holes to let air out from under the trolley decks and add 40kg of ballast to each one...

We used a flatbed car transporter trailer on the road, winching the hulls on and off.  This year I'm going to make life easier for myself and hire a lorry with a HIAB...

Beautiful boat Robert, thanks for sharing.


Hello Robert,

i also have this kind of trolley for my tiki 26, but I need to change the wheels are they are not suited for bumpy road.

Right now I have 4  small swivelling wheels on each trolley and was thinking to change for either 4 wheels as you have or 2 wheels in the back and one swivelling in the front... But was wondering how was the manoeuvrability of your boat when mounted on the 2 trolley? was it easy to turn ? 

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