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I'm fitting a rear tramp to my Tiki 21. I want to maximise the available space. I've tested a fibreglass windsurfer mast as a support pole. It only deflects about 25cm with 80kg point load in the middle of the span. It's only 52mm OD, excellent!

The question is how big to make the tramp?

How far should it go back. I've seen few short ones and some longer, but what are the pro's and con's? Who has experience here who can provide some useful input?


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Thanks Carl. This is relevant to my work right now as I build a new central platform to take a Honda 5. I want the motor as low as I can make it, but this makes the hole larger to take the motor coming forward. I've considered the hinge idea but can see a way to make it really tidy, especially as I have a hatch to an enlarged box to take fuel tanks.

Did you find with the motor down and the larger hole exposed, things fell down? I'm worried by feet getting stuck (especially small boys)

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