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The sad day has arrived when I have to offer my beloved Tehini for sale. Wowie Zowie began in 2003 and is built from BS 1088 marine plywood and sheathed with the WEST epoxy system and finished with Epifanes 2-part poly-urethane paint. She has sitka spruce masts and is ketch rigged. We sailed her to the Canaries in September of 2013, then a 1500 mile circumnavigation of the Canaries and then back to the UK in April 2014. Unfortunately the big C has got me in its nasty paws and I have no choice but to let WZ go to a new home. Like all Wharrams she is a delight to sail; we hit 18.4 knots surfing a big swell in the Bay of Biscay and regularly hit 15 knots, although those speeds can be very tiring with only 2 crew. She does need a little work, though mostly cosmetic and some cash for an engine of some sort. But there are enough spares and paint and rope etc. to do all the TLC oriented work necessary. Because of the urgency need to sell her, I am offering her for £32,500. She is currently lying in a secure boatyard in west Wales. Please contact me for further details and photos via email or on UK mobile 07786156726.

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Greetings Anthony, Many wishes to your recovery. Beautiful boat...


Is this boat still for sale?

Yes. Much interest from pretty much all over the world. Unfortunately it's simply her size that deters most people. Large catamarans are not the ideal boat for keeping in a marina. But there is a lot of very strong go-anywhere boat looking for someone to take her to the open ocean.

Tony McLeod.


07786 156726

I sent you an email

Hi Tony 

Andy here just wanted to know if your tehini is still for sale   ???????

warm regards

from south africa.

I have 2.8 Ha olive farm with sea views of the Ebro Delta to trade for boat. Property is one mile from the sea as the crow flies. 3 miles to L' Ampolla or El Perello in the other direction. The caseta/ruin was claimed on the escritura and guarantees a building permit for up to 150 sq. meters. Larger building is possible I am told. The land is very private with most sides of the property surrounded by state land/forest. Electricity mains are available now. There is a large cistern or possibility to drill a well. This is not a built up Ex-Pat area. You will notice high end holiday mansion developments throughout the area. Even remote beaches have freshwater showers here. Tarragona/Reus is 45 minutes by car. High speed and traditional rail stations are nearby. 2 hours to Barcelona or Valencia by car. Very,very private property. Your boat should be worth at least 65K Euro. I have owned this property 12+ years no hassle. 

Hello, I am looking for a wharram, naraï or tehini for a project of round the world. I am about to come to England in February to see some sailboats. I am interested in your boat. If you have some photos and additional information, like the condition of the sails, the costs to be expected. My mail, vctdelaturmeliere@yahoo.fr


Hey Anthony, I am a little unsure wether or not I sent you an email a few months ago regarding the sale of your Wowie Zowie. Were you able to sell her? I am looking for a bigger boat, and favour a Tehini or a Pahi 52/53. So wondered both how you are and if the boat is still for sale? Kind regards, Fabian


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