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I was wondering if a Tanenui with thr Tiki type crossbeams & lashings upgrade and Wingsail rigging would be trailerable?

Possibly with a Tiki 26 style deck, not sure what upgrades are available for the Tanenui.

The bigger classic designs have more upgrade options, like deck pods. But not thinking about deck pods, just the center deck like the Tiki 26 has to go along with the Tiki style crossbeams & lashings & wingsail rigging that JWD has drawings for.  

Haven't seen much info about the Tanenui with the Tiki style crossbeams, lashings & Wingsail rigging.

Cheers, Allen

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I got a reply from Hanneke, it was what I was hoping for!

Yes she said, go for it.

So that means I'll be going ahead with building a Tanenui & building her with Tiki Crossbeams/Lashings and Wingsail.

I spoke at length with (oh brother, I forgot his name! How embarrassing!) from SailRite. He designs and lays out the sail kits. I'll get the sails from Sailrite and sew them myself.

Thanks to Scott Williams' great blog where he made his sails from a kit from Sailrite.

Cheers, Allen

Cheers, Allen

This is my plan exactly. The Tiki-fied Tanenui seems to fit my wants very closely. Glad to see someone else that decided to go down this path! How is this build going?



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