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Hi all,

Just wanted to say g'day to the forum. I am a 29 year old from Victoria, Australia, I am half way through building a Tama Moana. She lies in Morpeth NSW, and I am about to move in to the workshop and work on her full time. I am making some minor mods ie; Increasing the cabin height a little, but will be true to the design below deck level and rig wise.

I am looking for advise on a few things, i am going to be keeping her super simple, but still need to be thinking now of electrics, rig and rudder improvements and trying to ascertain if there is any major design flaws I need to address before the final coat of paint!

If anyone is in New South Wales and would like to come and have a look or even lend a hand, then your more than welcome to contact me via this forum.

Any hints, tips, and encouragements are needed!

See you in on the water soon.


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Strength to yer arm mate.good luck with the completion.

You need to contact Glenn Tieman.  He's a contributor on the forum.  He's done the most miles in one of these, I think. 

Some pictures of your build would be good. 

best of luck



Some additional info.

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