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Hey guys,
Received the plans a couple of weeks ago, my being here in Santa Fe and my Hinemoa, 'Mystery' being in Oz has simply become untenable and so a new adventure is set to begin.

Now, in addition to bragging about another of our groovy Wharrams, I have searched for but have been unable to find many Tahiti Wayfarers, (only the Wharram teams boat and the Turkey based boat, the one that floated out of the window), either having been or that are being built, so do any of you good folks have any info on other Wayfarers?

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Can't wait to see yours in progress! Will you blog it, so the world can see? Maybe the first one.... It's a beautiful design.
Hey good morning,
Indeed I want to try this blogging, however not sure how to get into it. I are reasonably good with wood and epoxy; computers, well I'm still climbing that particular learning curve;). Bugger me, that makes me feel old.
Additionally, I need it done fairly quickly, before the cold weather really sets in here in New Mexico and then we want to get it down to the Sea of Cortez, cold and snowy here, desert and sea down there, hmmm!!
As soon as I figure out the blogging process I'll be on to it!

Good onya Shaun, you can do it.

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