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Hey guys,

I am an amateur boat builder, carpenter by profession and started working on a single hull 21`boat more than 5 years ago but the project stopped somewhere and never found the motivation to continue it. I got new inspiration already a year ago about building one of Wharrams catamarans since I admire the catamaran physics as well as the visuals.

First I was eying on the Tiki 30 or 31. Then I read a thread in this forum, where a guy wanted to do it in strip planking and another guy mentioned about the Tama Moana which is planned as a strip planked boat.

I like the idea of strip planks a lot and wanna know, if a beautiful finished strip plank can be epoxy/cloth-finsihed transparently in order to make the beautiful woods stay visible? Is there any disadvantage? Is it possible using West System epoxy for a nice clear finish? Any comments I would appreciate.

Is it possible to use "modern" rigs in the Tama Moana?

Greets Ben

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I'm interested in the Tama Moana / Child of the Sea and the Raka design too as both have many very similar numbers...

To your queries Ben:

1 The cloth/epoxy exterior finish could look as good as the clear epoxy interior finish, BUT as epoxy degrades in UV light your epoxy on the exterior would need to be one with substantial amounts of UV inhibitor as would any clear sanding fillers and final clear coats applied over the glass/epoxy. Maybe it could last well enough if the final coatings were regularly reapplied and maintained... Many smaller open boats are finished clear inside and out, and it lasts, but those have the advantage of covered storage between intermittent use and sun exposure. Would it be more trouble and expense than it is worth? For me that answer is yes, but for you maybe not...

2 From the JWD site mention of some modifications Andy Smith Boatyard has done to one owners boat:

Tama Moana 'Blaublixx2' For Sale

Andy Smith Boatworks | James Wharram Designs

<SNIP>"Blaublixx2" is in excellent condition. More recently her owner commissioned our Yard to change her rig from the ethnic crab claw rig to the same two mast rig of the James Wharram Designs Tiki 31 being an easier rig to manage, and so has brand new still in the box Hyde Sails, sails, and Harken Carbo Air Blocks. He also commissioned to change the rudder system from the original Tama Moana design to the more recent James Wharram Design Amatasi rudder design. </SNIP>

My guess is that JWD would have approved and probably drawn up any plans for the alterations, or at least would have a copy from the boatyard that they could provide to other builders. For me, maybe not the sail plan change, but the rudder change for sure. For me too, a midships modestly raised cabin in each hull and I'd have a better, stronger Raka for maybe a third of the cost and easier built!

Also you might be able to have a sorta Tiki style rudder the same as they have a plan sheet for converting rudders on the Classic designs that is mentioned in some Classic study plan literature faq.

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