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I am boatless at this point in time and even though I swore never to build again, the idea of a strip planked Tehini kind of turns me on ;-)

I know this guy has a plastic one but i like the "vibe" of timber and love the idea of strip plank. Maybe plastic decks? This guy has strip planked a tiki 38, but like the guy above seems to be missing in action :-P

I am no further along than dreaming at this stage and the beginning of the project is at least a couple of years away. I would be very happy to hear the experience of this forums perspective.


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Plywood is stable and negates the weaknesses of lumber: changes in dimensions from wetter to dryer conditions, splits along the grain. Wood is alive and moves. a hit to the face can cause it to break along the grain. While building my boat, we have had the Douglas fir break along the grain pattern when under stress. Granted, encapsulating wood may keep out moisture, but a scrape opens up a way for water to enter. My plywiood Tiki 38 will be super strong and repairable. I am compensating by making it pretty in the central cabin areas with cabinetry and trim. I am also adding luxuries such as a watermaker, SSB, and a warm shower of sorts. I am also adding personality with a brass binnacle and wheel, weird brass plaques everywhere and a bold exterior color scheme. I built a timberframe house and my framer referred to the trend of having wood everywhere as the "Packing Crate Syndrome": wood frame, wood floor, wood walls- you get the picture. You are currently in the overthink stage. I am in the "quit thinking and build stage" with plenty of 20/20 hindsight. There are no answers.......only questions.

Good Luck


Was Raoul involved with the 38' in Krabi?

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