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As I progress with the build of my Hinemoa, I'm starting to think about what rig to put on her. I am quite taken with the 'Spirit rig' option in the plans, is anyone still using this rig on a Hinemoa, or is the wingsail so much better ? or I have a mast and boom lying in the garden that I could use for the 'Cutter rig' option. sooo many choices :)

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Alternative rigs are great fun and I would love to see a sprit rig on your Hinemoa. This is one of the first "classic" designs and the sprit was it's original rig.

I sail a gaff workboat and it is true that these alternative rigs are better than most sailors realise. The Galway Bay Hookers set up for racing will outsail most cruising yachts and carry no engine. However as workboats or fitted out for cruising they need a good diesel engine.

Not all design is dictated by rules. There was / is a class restricted only by sail area [ 100 sq ft  ? star class ?] and the winning sail is Bermudan - large main small jib 3/4 rig.

The Bermudan rig is a total system if you restrict this then comparisons are of little value. For instance the inter changeable headsails in a large fore triangle enable the best sail combination to be used for a given wind. My Pahi 31 [B. cutter] is in this way much better than the gaffer. [ They point about the same. ]

Many [most?] cruisers are badly set-up and sailed with no regard for mast bend etc. Many of them are poor examples of what the rig is capable of.

I agree that the common assumption that these rigs are so far behind that the Bermudan will always win out is untrue. But the Bermudan sailed with skill probably will.



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