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Can anybody tell me if a Building Plan from 2002, is exactly the same as if I buy a new one from Wharram now? did they do some up date at the projects?

Is is too complicated to change the ownership information on the building licence, afterwards? 

thank you very much

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It depends on which plans you are talking about as to whether there are updates available or not.

Unless JWD has changed the way they do things, they do not support second hand ownership of plans. However, if the original owner calls/emails/writes JWD and lets them know specifically to whom they are selling the plans, then maybe they might support the new owner, but only if they believe that the original owner has never built a boat.

What about this thread? Second hand plans

As I understand it, the physical plans are the means to build the boat, but the license is manifested by the Sail # assigned. If a boat is built from a set of plans, they transfer with the boat, and can't legally be used to build a second boat. Actually, JWD will let the owner build a second boat from the same plans, if a license fee of 90% of list is paid, they will then issue another Sail #.

If a boat has not been built from a set of plans, then the license is still intact and available for use. The plans state "AMATEUR BUILDER No. XXX, TO BUILD ONE CRAFT ONLY TO THIS DESIGN, JAMES WHARRAM ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALTERATIONS MADE TO THE DESIGN WITHOUT PRIOR CONSULTATION". There is nothing about this license being non-transferable. 


yes, thank you

but what I don't unders>tand is how is the process.
I buy the plans, and afterwards I have to try to talk with somebody to do it?
it seems a little bit complicated because I don't have any guarantees :(

Am I understanding something wrong?

thank you
Aline Recchia 

It's a tiki 30

Budget Boater said:

It depends on which plans you are talking about as to whether there are updates available or not.

JWD have been having problems with both their website and lost emails. It took two tries and three weeks, but it appears that I've managed to transfer the ownership of two sets of second hand plans to my name. They have promised to provide to me the necessary revisions and updates to bring the plans to current design specifications. YMMV.


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