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sailing differences between wharram design styles


A general and possibly a silly sounding question.

Looking at the various designs, from Pahi 26, Tiki 26, to Tiki 30 and 38, Pahi 42, various tangaroa and narai - there are evident differences ofcourse. However, it is hard to tell how these differences translate to actual sailing experiences.


tacking abilities, speed, angles to the wind (specially close reach), storm performance and so on..

I am trying to piece together some coherent idea of how these differences work via reading a fair few posts. However all that comes seems to be vague references to the questions i have in mind.

Understandably too. Not complaining ;)

Hard to think i am the only person with these kind of questions.

Is there anywhere with some clear, possibly some kind of a graphic/chart explaining the differences?

In case there is no such information, perhaps anyone here has an idea about the differences?

Cheers and many thanks in advance!

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