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Plans are being offered in a limited edition. Looks like the plans drawings are about at least as good as the Tane plans I have for comparison. Tane dates from around ten years later - late 60s - and are basic but comprehensive plan sheets with additional brief but comprehensive building instructions for materials and methods of the day. My set may date later from the 70s as there is some brochure material with photos and some updates. I haven't seen if there are also building instructions for RONGO or if there are only a few sheets of dimensioned drawings...


https://www.wharram.com/site/shop/limited-edition/rongo-box-set  (58 remain as of today)

Rongo hull shape appears to lack much rocker and lack sides curvature in plan view (like the  Pahis of 20 years later...), so on 2ft draft a good load carrier and good tracker. I think I'd want to change the rudders (to Tiki-like or kick-up?), and change the rig (wide options... bi-plane junk... crab claw ketch). I'd likely get the beams upgrade sheet for the classics and fit her with Tiki like beams and fastenings. Build her with epoxy and glass sheathed. 5'8" is insufficient head height, for me anyway, so I'd likely drop the cabin height and decrease the windage by 18" or so...

£225.00 is a bit costly for a study plan... but. Why not?

Why not build one for retired mostly solo liveaboard cruising mostly around northern Australia, East PNG and SE Pacific? It'd out live me given ordinary luck to both, so resale isn't an issue even without mentioning other housing costs saved living aboard in the meantime. Looks?? Any boat I build is gonna be workboat standard anyway... Practicals?? Rongo seems very practical... no bulwarks (but maybe add some wave splitters at the bows?), no beam troughs, beams that extend beyond the sheer to take any scrapes and to free-up the central deck by storing longer items out there (like the Tama Moana beam extensions).

I'd be interested in others' views here: of the design; of actually building a Rongo; of modification suggestions; of pros and cons. Of comparisons with Narai Mk1 (Rongo is kinda trimmed down Narai), Tangaroa Mk4...

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