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Hi, I just bought a four-year-old Tiki 21 and am concerned about the strength of the three sections that make up the deck. I am a 200lb guy and hear a lot of creaking and a little cracking as I move around. Should I expect this? The decks are built according to plan - so is that normal? Thanks!

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David Kamper said:

i recently acquired a tiki 21 but the two side deck panels were missing.  I want to know how the two side deck panels attach to the center panel?   the center panel has a triangle edge along both sides ..  appreciate if someone could advise :)

The side panels rest on the beams fore and aft. Along the outboard edges they rest on ledges along the cabin sides. And on the inboard edges they rest on the triangular ledges that you mentioned. I'll attach an image from the plans that shows the side to middle connection.

I have a few posts on my blog about the platforms that I built: https://www.monarisa.org/tags/#platforms

I recently rebuilt the two side decks , see attached ... Glas tape around edges , coated ly with epoxy and light cloth  etc ..

link to pictures of RuRu Tiki 21

Link to pictures doesn’t work for me.

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