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 Hi I just purchased a Tiki 30 with 10 year old galvanized rigging. I am thinking I may replace the rigging in the near future and was wondering if anyone would know the dimensions for stainless wire. Thanks Pat

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6mm, swaged  eyes , shackles with red loctite applied on the threads, lashing ropes  6- 8 mm polyester braid ,minimum 5 turns . When making the loops which go in the top of the mast do not forget to clad them in plastic tube. Which T 30 did you buy ?



Siam Sailing, Phuket 

Hi Maxim, thanks for the information. I bought Hourua Nigel’s Tiki 30 in Singapore. The boat was built be Seascape and was named Busker previously. Very impressed with the Seascape build and Nigel’s upkeep of the boat. She is just turning 10 years old so it may be a time for relashing and re- rigging however Gunter who did the rigging is confident that it could last 20 years if looked after. I will dig a bit deeper into the rig when I visit the boat next week. The other option is synthetic rigging but I am concerned about chafe. I read a post you made some time ago explaining how to change the rigging without lowering the mast. May give it a try. Thanks again Pat

I wouldn't worry too much about the rig for now . Not much wind in S'pore. In my experience the first beam lashings to go are the inboard ones on beam nr 3 . If they are still ok the others are for sure still ok . If you change beam lashings best and easiest is to do so is withe boat afloat in shallow water,so you can stand beside the boat . I use 8mm rope for the lashings themselves and 6 mm for the frappings .Ordinary braided polyester is fine . No need or benifit with dyneema, spectra etc. There is no such thing as a too tight beam lashing .  To get them tight I use the mainsheet ( 6:1) and crank it with a sheet winch.

Maxim Jurgens

Siam Sailing, Phuket

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