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 I am thinking to use a 50hp Yamaha high-thrust mounted on my rebuilt/strengthened sled using the extension to get a 25" shaft length. Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated. 

I did a nearly 2,000 nm journey from Sanibel Fl. through the Bahamas and back with a 30hp Johnson, YUHG, sucked fuel at an alarming rate, terribly loud and underpowered,  Only positive is...i could fix it with screwdriver and vicegrips, did this more than I wanted  !!!!!

I require a dependable and swift source of propulsion as I will only be able to cruise in Fl.and the Bahamas during hurricane season (due to work obligations) for the next 3 summers. When I need to cut and run due to either, storms or deadlines, want to be able to push my boat at 10 knots minimum. 

I have very little experience with outboards and my research has pointed me in the direction of the high thrust Yamaha ?

Pura Vida

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