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Has anyone removed the deck beams troughs on a classic design and simply mounted them on decks?? It looks like it would make for more space, cut down on maintenance and better air circulation especially in cooler climes. I have Tangaroa MK 4. Perhaps I should just contact the Wharrams?? Thanks, MarkH

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I think contacting the Wharram's directly would be the best idea to save yourself a whole lot of trouble. Email them at wharram@wharram.com Ann and Nev
If I'm not mistaken the Mk1 Tangaroa's beams were not mounted in a trough, but on deck. I agree with you, this is the way to go on the MkIV for the reasons you mention. Furthermore I'd do away with those brackets and throughbolts, and lash the beams. I believe there is a "kit" or at least plans for doing this conversion. If you have no joy at Wharram's, you could possibly try Steve Turner?
Wharrams reply to my request for plans--"We assume you mean mounting the crossbeams of the TglV at deck level rather than in beamtroughs. We do not recommend this as it makes the freeboard of
the boat a lot higher. Best wishes, Liz Wood"
To which I replied..."I am not going to change the freeboard at all--I just want to get the beams out of the troughs and onto the deck--The troughs are rotting out and I have to replace them and it will not be with
other troughs. So if you have the plans for the old style I would like to have them." Plans for the new lashing system were also requested. I don't expect an answer so will try and contact Steve Turner on the Multihull forum or if someone has a direct address???
CARL--you are right that was a Tangaroa 1. Thanks MarkH
Gday Mark,I have done all that you wish to do and much more with no plans and all round triple thumbs up results.Go with your gut feeling.All the best Kalembo Ad'e. Dave
Gday Mark, forgot to mention theres a few pics on my page could give you an idea or two.cheers Dave
hi mark -- i have the mkiv+ for sale on this site. my beams are lashed on top of the deck. if we label the beams a,b,c and d going fore to aft then beam c, the one that would go through the cabin has been shortened. it does not go through the cabin but is attached (lashed) the inside of the hulls. dramatic increase in interior space and it's usefulness, no impact on strength or handling. this change was drawn and approved by jwd. dan
There's a Narai Mk IV on the web that has beams mounted on the decks and it doesn't look too bad at all:



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