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Hi all,

Just got back from 2 weeks preparing our Tiki 30 for sailing in the Med.  Most of the time was taken up with fitting a bow netting beam and new nets in the bow and stern as we realised that unless we can stand safely at either extremity of the boat bow or stern too mooring was going to be problematic and we can not rely on finding good anchorages in the Western Med which is where we are at the moment.  The bow netting will also help with deploying the spinnaker and getting to the forestay if we have a problem with furler so it is a safety feature as well.

The bow netting beam is made from an old boom which we had used as our aft netting beam until we upgraded it to take the windvane steering.  We screwed horn cleats in to the gunnel to use as lashing cleats to save time; when we do the next major refit we will change to tiki style lashing cleats; however, the horn cleats on the inboard sides actually made it easier to fit and tension the netting so we may keep those.

We had hoped to be able to deploy the anchor over the forward netting beam, but unfortunately the bridle and roller reefing are right in the way for positioning it in the middle of the netting beam so we will fit a additional roller on the stern and see how we get on with deploying the bow anchor through a hole (which can be covered) in the bow netting from its current roller on the main beam.

the other thing we have done for Med sailing is get a cheap aluminium ladder to one end of which we have fitted small wheels and into which we can strap a board so that we can use it as a passarelle by lashing it to the appropriate netting beam.

Photo attached

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Robert - great to hear a cruising story. There is a lot of foredeck work on my boat as I use hank-on sails and cutter rig. I made up a small workdeck hinged at  the f'wrd netbeam and resting on a slack bridle aft so it can swing up if it hits the wavetop. It is very secure footing for sailwork. You can see this in my photos. For anchoring I rigged a permanent bridle which is secured back to the main beam when not in use [back under the netting]. It has a large soft eye at it's center which can quickly be attached to the anchor or mooring line. Again - great to hear of sailing plans.

Safe seas.

Good work. thanks for the info on mooring etc.

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