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Hi everyone.

I am just wondering what everyones thoughts are on pro built wharrams in south east Asia morally.

My gut feeling about getting something like this built with cheaper labour in an area like SEA isnt good, however I am unsure of the details of the set up there.

Does anyone have any comments, thoughts. For me in one case if I can get a wharram pro built by doatbuilders with skills likely beyond mine for a reasonble price them it sounds good, however I want to act ethically and with the best interests of both parties at mind.

So thoughts?

Cheers, Thomas.

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It creates local jobs and if through a Wharram approved yard, there are at least some assurances on quality.
How many things in our everyday life are produced in china?
Simply because they can be produced and imported cheaper than they can be produced locally.

Be aware though, that their ply is a cheaper and heavier type ( heavier boat) and that you will have to get your boat from there to you - this will add to costs, even if you sail it there yourself.
That's a scary story!!
That builder has been arrested for multiple crimes - not just building rubbish boats and ripping clients off.

Thanks for the comments so far, the creating local jobs and money into their economy is a bonus I would think. I had read the Razzledazzle story before, and yes very scary. Keep the thoughts coming

Thomas, i wonder if it would not be cheaper to hire a retired/builder/carpenter to show you the ropes?

I know builders have done this with good results.You also know exactly what the hell is going on with yer boat.

cheers paul.

Yes, having a boat built by someone else a long way away would make it hard to check up on its build quality. I have another question, I see a company CKD in south africa offers the tiki 38 with much of the parts cnc cut, a quick google shows more details, with australias current exchange what they offer seems too cheap to be true. does anyone have any experience with CKD kits or knowledge of geting something like that imported into Aus.

Why not find a reputable builder in South Africa? After all they do build a lot of quality cats down there.Having it imported into Aus would be easy if you could find a good agent who deals with this kind of stuff.A mate of mine was a production manager for high end eruo yachts built in RSA. He knows the boat building industry better than i do over there. P.M me and i can give you his details.

CKD are a reputable company and tied to the boat designer Dudley Dix - again with a good record.
I'm from SA and have had dealings with them.

Alex does CKD build boats?

Selling kits and building supplies. They have experience building boats but not production - as far as I know.
When Dix was in SA, they built his boats.
From my own experience I would be very cautious building a boat in Asia again, you may look at Sescape Asia, all other yards have been reported severe problems with. Also do the math carefully, there will be transport and import as well as most the accessories will have to be imported to Asia, causing additional cost and administration.

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