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Price reduced for Tiki 46 Peace IV.  

Peace is now priced at $99,000 US.  This is a crazy and rediculous price for a good, well built, ocean sailing full time live aboard boat.  Peace was surveyed  8 times during the build and we have copies of this stating that she was well built and made to plan or all alterations approved by designer.  She won a major prize at Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show.  Peace was our home for 12 years.  She needs a little tickle with a paint brush.  Are you all so scared of a paint brush?!?!  Jeepers!  This boat was built with finest materials. Nev is nearly 80.  It is time for this boat to sell and for us to get a small boat for local waters.  So come and buy this boat.  

Ann and Nev


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I really can't believe Peace IV hasn't sold. 

Just another $90k to make and I'll be knocking on your door.

  Hello, Is Peace IV still on the market?

    Best Regards, Derek W, Garland    

Peace IV is now in the Pacific with her new owners. I forget what her new name is.   Ann and Nev


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