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I have not found any mention in the plans of where to put the waterline on the tiki 21. My best guess is to put the boat levelbu putting a level inside on the bunks. I'm assuming that the bunks (floor boards) would be designed to be level. Then I will measure up from the floor of the shed the draft of the boat 14" and mark that on the hull. Is there anything wrong with this plan? I assume that the stated draft of 14" is when the boat is empty. Is that a valid assumption?


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You are right with everything. We did it the same way and ended up with a pretty low antifouling for loaden conditions. Next time I would paint the antifouling a good deal higher. Can't do harm anyway.

I think it's not worth worrying too much about the exact position of the waterline because the weight of one person can easily dive the sterns or bows 10 cm deeper in the water. So we did not paint a straight line but a light curve with the lowest point amidship and higher at the ends. 


Thanks for your reply, Pius. That is very helpful.


I have the same problem, even if not for today, since I am far from the end of my building.
However, here is a way I found.
Take a transparent plastic hose. put one mark at each end. Align the marks with a point on the waterline. ask for an helper. Fill the hose with water, until the two marks. Now, by moving along the hull, you may find the waterline all the way. Here is a video: http://youtu.be/U-r12l904ow
Or, may be, a laser level...
If you can make a curved boot stripe, (higher at the front, a little higher at the back) you'll have someting lovely...
Good luck!

Thanks Eric.

My question is more about where to put the waterline rather than how to mark it. There is no indication on the plans of the position other than the stated draft of the boat. I will do a curve.

... You're right! no indication on the plan... So I think that I would put the boat level, with the bunks as a base, or the sheer line, and when everything is square, take as you said the draft of the boat as a first indication. Then, since it is alway good to be safe, I would add three inches, or seven centimeters, to draw my antifouling line. I do not realize how much the weight of equipment and crew can lower the boat on the water. But, please, if you find the correct position, i will be glad to hear!

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