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Hi Guys

I want to redesign the pod/cockpit from my tiki 38 in a radical way to fit all the needs i have in mind.

i have been reading in this website but cannot find any information regarded of what i am thinking of.

the designing is of course always a compromise , and i will try to look for the medium term between weight and a safe cozy liveable space.

in our cruising experience we were feeling very unhappy either under the sun or by heavy rain. the cockpit is where we spend 70% of the time :  we do all our activities there : eat, hang out when breezy, drive the boat, taking naps , and so forth...

the design from Wharram has the main advantages of low windage and low weight. but its not compatible with our cruising style, we need something more adapted to present cruising times and female's requirements.

I made a hard top of PVC sheets that worked wonderful , but i made some small mistakes that will force me to redesign it and I am thinking in making a redesign from the entire cockpit from scratch... and let the present cockpit as a spare part waiting for the day that i will sell the boat, in case the (future) buyer is interested.

I researched online , and i have a nice collection of photos and ideas, but would be nice to have even more. I saw some partial views from Ron Hall's pod that look interesting.

i might start a web blog dedicated to that to post the design process (i plan to make it in the free version of google sketchup)

a swift design list : rain catcher, hold the large solar panels , electric panels, water maker , water tanks, fridge and freezer, seats, watch berth, standing height, table, helmsman seat , centralized sheets, and more...


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Salut Alex 

Celle du tiki 38? La maquette jaune? Ou les photos du Teuton 47 sur le site de Wharram

the photo nr 2 with the plans.

Désolé c'est le mieux que j'ai. Mais je pense que cela est suffisant pour faire des plans sans trop de problèmes avec le plan ci-joint.



Hello Olivier

I will study those plans carefully since they look as a very realistic and fine solution. As I said before , this looks like the one who matches my ideas and needs.

thank you, i will post more information here as I can work on the project. As for now I am very busy with the harvest season here in my blueberry farm...



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