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Dear all!

After 6 years in court I am selling "Stella del mare". I did finally win against the professional skipper who sold it to me, but the boatyard who did the sales transaction was excluded from liability.

For legal reasons, I am not selling it as a boat but the all beloved and excellent Pahi 31 plans (copies are left) and French highsea papers - no inspection required.

With the hulls - to be renovated- you also get an aluminium tube with stainless steel cables (in the shape of a mast), canvasses (which you can use as sails)

The cylinder block was stolen - by the mechanic - in the motor. Cockpit and beams are missing.

Vistable in Pont'Aven, France at a friendly workshop who will let you work on it (I wish I'd hat at least that at the time I worked on it)

and I have good contacts in Hungary who can ship the finished missing parts and materials at half of the French price.

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Hi. I have sent you a private message. We are interested to buy her.

Hi Tuomas!

Thank you so much for your message.

Unfortunatly the skipper put in appeal. I will ask if I can sell the boat as the boatshop costs a hundred per month.

The expert put down 2000 EUR, but anything is negociable.

Keep in touch!



Stella is still available. Please do not hesitate to PM me.

Hi Martin,

I may arrive too late, but in case not, I would be very pleased to have a look at your Pahi if you ensure that something can be done to restore her. I'm not afraid of work, I do have the skills required, but you know, work is work, and I would not spent the time and money that could give me a brand new one. Have you got a few pictures more, inside? I could come to see within a few days.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Murat. You are just in time. Distruction is planned for end of the month. You can have it, as long as you find an arrangement for the open bill. I will call your workshop. Martin

Hello Martin, I wait for your call, but as you won't find any phone number on my website, here it is:  Osix- fourty three -eighty six- thirty two -sixty four. Please Call (beware that I don't listen to messages) or give me your number. Mourad

Hi. If Stella is still up for sale  I am interested to buy her. Sent you PM.  Volkhard

Dear All!

The new status is: Giving away a Stella Pahi Wharram 31 (plans and French Papers). The actual owner of the land will destroy the remains, but you can have a pick of reusable items (old sails - twice, winch, custom attchements, deck windows, etc.)

The soul of Stella del mare will go to the one who is willing to give most to the "Association Belle Angèle" which restores a lovely antique sailboat.

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