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Dear all!

After 6 years in court I am selling "Stella del mare". I did finally win against the professional skipper who sold it to me, but the boatyard who did the sales transaction was excluded from liability.

For legal reasons, I am not selling it as a boat but the all beloved and excellent Pahi 31 plans (copies are left) and French highsea papers - no inspection required.

With the hulls - to be renovated- you also get an aluminium tube with stainless steel cables (in the shape of a mast), canvasses (which you can use as sails)

The cylinder block was stolen - by the mechanic - in the motor. Cockpit and beams are missing.

Vistable in Pont'Aven, France at a friendly workshop who will let you work on it (I wish I'd hat at least that at the time I worked on it)

and I have good contacts in Hungary who can ship the finished missing parts and materials at half of the French price.

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Hi. I have sent you a private message. We are interested to buy her.

Hi Tuomas!

Thank you so much for your message.

Unfortunatly the skipper put in appeal. I will ask if I can sell the boat as the boatshop costs a hundred per month.

The expert put down 2000 EUR, but anything is negociable.

Keep in touch!



Stella is still available. Please do not hesitate to PM me.

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