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Dear all!

I am giving away "Stella del mare", amateur build 1984. It's a beloved Pahi 31 - or rather it's plans (scan and copies are left) and French highsea papers "Acte de Francisation" You can entrust the boat to anyone, without a licence, don't need a state inspection and still have European boat papers.

With the hulls - to be renovated- you also get an aluminium mast with stainless steel cables, used  sails, all double.

Cockpit and beams are missing. The cylinder block was stolen in the motor (Johnson 8hp extra long). There's also a hard dinghy, lots of reusable stuff like the net, anchor, hardwood deck planks, commercial 55x55cm deck window, whinch and pulleys, but lots of hard work, not to say total rebuild.

I put lots of love into it - but is has been lying around for 8 years since and would like to see it go to someone who puts in some Wharram and building passion. You only have to cover the latest drydock bill of 985 EUR.

Vistable in Pont'Aven, France at a friendly workshop who is unfortunalty closing END OF MARCH, so it gotta go!

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The boatshop is closing, so if you are interested, you must let me know by end of march. They can transport the two hulls to the drydock of the port of Pont-Aven. End of March, Stella will be destroyed.

If this is still available, please email me at r_cosburn@hotmail.com



hi stella, i just read your post.. i have a pahi 31 and would love to get a copy of those plans if they are available, im in spain ..and can over postage costs etc .. kind regards meta .... write me at        babalingam@hotmail.com

Stella is still available. I am looking for someone to come to Pont Aven Brittany and repair or distroy her (and keep the plans and French papers)

Glad to hear she was not destroyed.  Sad to say, she is too far for me to collect from  I hope someone is able to do so.

Stella is still looking for a new owner. 

Dear all!

The new owner is willing to take over of the land the cost of destruction. If anyone is willing to recover some valuable parts, plans and French high-sea papers, shout out quickly.

Dear All!

The new status is: Giving away a Stella Pahi Wharram 31 (plans and French Papers). The actual owner of the land will destroy the remains, but you can have a pick of reusable items (old sails - twice, winch, custom attchements, etc.

The sole of Stella del mare will go to the one who is willing to give most to the "Association Belle Angèle" which restores a lovely antique sailboat.

Stella is now available for 1 EUR, plans, lots of goodies to be recuperated and French high sea papers. BUT it will got to the one who makes the biggest donation to the association "Belle Angèle" and the former boatshop's family.

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