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I've been lusting after a Wharram of my own for decades. Some of you may recognise me as a serial pest from the old Wharram forum (you can run, but you can't hide;-) 

I may be getting made redundant from work in a couple of months time, so I figured I'd do the responsible thing and splash out on a Wharram of some sort (shhh, don't tell the missus). I won't have much to spend (say $5000 - $10000?). Thinking Hinemoa/Taneui/Tiki 21/Pahi 26/Pahi 42 (ok, might be dreaming with the 42 for that money). I'll probably sail mostly solo, but will also take my wife and two teenage kids out for daysailing occasionally. 

Current options:

1. See what cheap Wharrams are available here in Australia. Fixer upper could be the goods if no too far gone and price is right. (Any takers?)

2. Possibly get a quote for someone to put some hulls/beams together, for me to finish off. Obviously, this would mean living at the smaller end of the spectrum (Hinemoa/Tiki 21). I've got a shipwright mate, but he does get pretty busy. I'd have a go myself, but my current (glacial) outrigger canoe build has taught me two things:  firstly that my life is way too busy for such nonsense, and secondly that I'm a sucky boatbuilder anyway (too impatient and no talent). But I seem to be able to fix stuff ok.

Opinions, comments, observations anyone? 


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Hey Scotty,

I'm jealous about the weather; here in Santa Fe, NM, I'm getting excited when the temps get anywhere near 5C so i can go outside to work without having to wear jumpers and jackets. Not as bad as further north but with me being a cry baby this is cold enough!!

Man, if you could splash as a chrissy present for yourself, would be stoked with that, good luck with it.



Hi mate

LOL about the weather there. I always imagined it being hot all year round in that part of the world (must be all the westerns I watched as a kid). Must be a bastard trying to get epoxy to go off. 

As for wetting my canoe's scales around Christmas, I WISH. No, unfortunately my goal has only been to get her to fill/fair stage, and ready for painting (with whatever I've got at hand). I'm happy to say that now everything is largely done and my decks just need to be stuck on, so I'm pretty much on track. 

Next I will have to build the ama(s) and iakos and since they'll need some cash those, I'm not sure when I can make that happen (mind is ticking though - I'll find a way). I also have to find some funds for some teak for the outer gunnel and splash guard (and hopefully seats as well), oh, and paint/varnish - can't forget that. 

Anyway, looking forward to hearing of your progress with your Wayfarer (I'll have lots of questions for you then).

Wishing you guys all the best for Christmas and catch you next year. 



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