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Check out Mo'o Kiha in Lahaina. They need your help. This is a great community Project...Go there See for yourself and be Sure to support the real Polynesian Sciences Preservation Movement. Remember Nainoah Thomas's work. Remember the greatest seafarers of the world and whose boats you love. 

See PVS - Polynesian Voyaging Society 

Ok don't contribute cash wise enrich yourself by learning the amazing story of Polynesian Seafarers. Here is a quick history about the Hui since 1996.

Mo'o Kiha's 62 foot keels  were laid - 1996 - See Front page of Maui News. The ribs were made by bending six layers of resin coated planks over a mold and clamping. Then cut in to three ribs out of each of those and milled there after. The same mold works for all the ribs with some faring - amazing. Two planks of Red Oak make the very bottom of Keels. When all the ribs were fitted we began the first skin of Mahogany Luan Plywood run Diagonally and then the second layer diagonally the other direction...It wasn't long after that politics and funding caused the project to sour even though we poured our sober souls in to ceremonies and camaraderie every week. I am so happy to see progress now! 

It is great to see the project moving on very well now. Check it out...and let's not forget that Keola was the primary initiator, designer and brainchild. Foster played a huge role from the Kanapali beach Hotel. And Finally the Kanapali Beach Hotel as the anchor on Maui for Polynesian Dance, Sciences and Language. Special thanks to Apela for your spiritual guidance. 

And let's not forget that Mo'o Lele got a refit that year in '96. She can be viewed in the October 1976 issue of National Geographic. Believe me! You have never been sailing until you are racing down the face of a twenty + foot wave staring at a wall of water in front of you! Amazingly the hulls don't bury and crab claw sail - uniquely Hawaiin- Works great! Take the steering oar out of the water and she keeps on Tracking straight! Absolutely amazing. The old warriors would have been upon you before you had time to gather your weapons!

Mo'o Lele  What a great War Canoe! 

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