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Health forces sale.
Upper Chesapeake location.
Solid build in 1990.
Has circumnavigated.
Last 6 years has been on hard being refurbished in covered shed.
Hulls are apart right now.
I'd say it's in the 85% range of completion and hesitate calling this a project boat.
Beams are not the pocketed design.
Newer main engine with very low hours.
7 sails.
Contact for more info, pics, work done, work yet to be done, ect.

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I hope that Blue Moon has found a new master sailer.

In case not, I'd say that pictures are nice and price is fine. It's true that she's far away from me. Can the refit be done on the spot?


Not sure what you mean by "on the spot".

She is on the hard at a marina that allows DIY, if that's what you are asking.

...and still available, make offer.

Yes, that's what I meant, but my english is highly improvised.

Hi Kim,

how many days, according to you, to get Blue Moon afloat?

That depends on many things.

2 dedicated people could probably finish from spring to autumn.

Do you mean 5-6 months of full time work?

I looked at you pictures, but I may have missed some information you give about the refurbishing work left.

Is it mostly about fiberglass and epoxy layering?

I say that because everything takes longer than you plan.

There is a to-do list in with the pictures.

There is and never was any fiberglass.

I agree with that wisdom, and I'm glad there's no fiberglass. Can you imagine a couple living onboard on the dry during the working lenght?

The only people I've seen live on the hard, had an RV in addition to their boat.

People do live aboard on the water and anchored out.

This is a college town so, there are many apartments. most of which are probably empty in the summer.

Other than those observations, I suppose you could.

The elec and water are very close.

There is showers, laundry, pool, small store and restraunt.


Dry storage yard bill is $900/per 6 months.

Still for sale.

Make offer.

Trying to PM you.

Is it still available?


Kim Rooney said:

Still for sale.

Make offer.

Still for sale!

Make offer!

Pics and info,,,


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