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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone can clarify: Should the bow end of the bottom panels have a radius in the indicated area, or be cut to an angle such as the side panels (clearly an angle at the station line)? The plans do not indicate one way or the other, and the detail of the area is just small enough to be unclear. 



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Hi Nathan,

I'm building a Melanesia too. I have cut out the pieces but not yet glued them together. I made that cut without a radius - without actually having considered the idea of a radius in fact. As I haven't yet started the assembly process I can't offer any benefit of hindsight, but I will suggest that if you cut without a radius in the first instance, but later on you discover a radius would have been preferable, you can always make the adjustment.

If however, you have already cut with a radius - I shouldn't worry too much - I think the construction process is forgiving enough to see you through to a perfect finish . . .

Good luck with the build! - I fear you will be racing ahead of me as I am currently waiting for the weather to warm up to enable me to use epoxy (and batting away the chores life throws at us).


Thanks for the suggestion; it makes more sense! I have looked at a few builders' blogs and the photos show about 50/50 for either method. I do think leaving an angle will also make it easier to taper the leading edge down a bit, too.

Yes, I am fortunate enough here to be blessed with warmer weather in the winter months. It is around 21C during the day here right now... but it also comes with 33C+ and 90% humidity in the summer months.

Good luck with your chores and build!


I decided to modify the lofting slightly. The sheet 3 diagram is 1:10. I drew the bow to the centerline 10mm forward of the station line. The plans indicate the bow approaches the centerline 1mm forward of the station line. I think this will give me the most flexibility with any needed changes.

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