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I am thinking of attaching the mast shrouds on my Pahi 42 to the crossbeams instead of the hulls.  To my logic the beams move much less than the hulls, reducing the stress on the shrouds/mast.   And the beam attachments could be stronger than the chain plate/hull attachment.

Can anyone see a reason why this would not be good? I would appreciate any input on this.

John & Kat

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if you make the attachment to the beam, then you will have additional load to the beam lashings or to the beam bolts (JWD has drawn the Pahi 42 in two ways: with lashings only or with lashings and bolts).

The chain plate hull attachment is very strong, before this breaks, something in the rig will break.

The lashings in the rig will compensate the movement.

This is an amazing story in your Blog.

Best regards C.
The position of the shroud attachment is critical to the strength of the rig. Nev and I would be reluctant to change this. Ann and NEv

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