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I recently lost my 40' Skip Johnson trimaran due to some one else's careless anchoring( he drug and broke my anchor line and put me on the rocks).  So much for history.  We had a gaff sleeve main sail on the boat that is now for sale.  40' luff, 13' foot, 11' head.  7oz cloth w/ 4 reef points.  Luff is zippered(zipper in good condition but needs pull refastened).  Sail is in good to very good condition(?) but could use good cleaning.  I will entertain any reasonable price offer.  I don't want to see sail cut up for it's material or heaven for bid discarded due to lack of storage space.  You can contact me at;

Russ Matter


727 543-1995

I am in Florida.  Thank you for your interest,  Russ

P.S.  I have the gaff . Its yours if you buy the sail.


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