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Hi, I'm very new to posting so am not sure whether I'm in the right section - however ..... was following Budget Boater's website re his builds and somehow lost the thread of his blog after he reported some problems with the site.  Shame as I was enjoying their foray into boat building. Can someone help point me in the right direction to re-engage?  HOWEVER ... I noticed that their site has some photos showing 'Examples for Representative Purposes' and just want to direct other interested folks towards the boatbuilder whose work is captured in some of those photos  - Gunter Nutt of Seascape Asia/Phuket/Chalong.  He's currently finishing a Tiki 46 which is scheduled for launch on the 4-6th June and is poised to commence building a Tiki 38 as soon as the 46 is completed. Awesome workmanship! Believe he's held Wharram accreditation for several years and there's photos of James and Henneke at his workshop. Fully excellent! Cheers.

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The Budgetboater.com build thread continued here. We are still building, just not posting much.


The BudgetBoater.com website and this website are means to the same end, and both created by me.


Gunter Nutt is an outstanding builder.

See at "WaveDancer". This streched Tiki was built by Gunther 2006. Since we have a new project in the Philippines (we plan a "sailors guest-/resthouse" with 2-3 Tikis or Amatasis), "WaveDancer" is for sale. Gunther Nutt is one of those rare enthusiasts who realy loves sailing boats and also knows to handle them.

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