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I'm looking for a wharram , could be a neglected one or a project , doesn't matter much as long as it can be brought back to shape. If you have one or know someone that has a wharram lying somewhere, I would really appreciate the information.

You can email me at - sundancer1@mail.com , thank you!

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where are u based

I have a Tiki 46 I would be willing to sell. It needs work, but the aluminum masts, rigging, sails heads, beams, and hulls are valuable.
Kittywake. It's in Pensacola. See our page on Wharram builders.

Hi Jeff, friend request sent, you could also drop me your email


Hello! I have a TIKI 26 posted in the for sale section.  She needs minor repairs but is complete.  I have sailed her and she's a good one, properly built. Feel free to email me for more information. maxhkern@gmail.com 

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